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Sonar Bangla Hotel Puri
Sonar Bangla Hotel Puri

Hotel Sonar Bangla Puri: Perfect For Pilgrims And Tourists Alike

A number of reasons make Puri the perfect destination for tourists as well as pilgrims and both these travelers find Hotel Sonar Bangla Puri an ideal hotel for their stay. The list of attractions in Puri is quite long and it is no wonder that the destination is among the most popular in Orissa or Odisha as it now known as. Pilgrims of course come here to pay obeisance at the place that is considered one of the seven holiest sites in India where one can attain Moksha. According to the holy scripture of the Garuda Purana, Puri is one of the holiest sites along with  Ayodhya, Maya, Mathura, Kasi, Avantika, Kanchi, and Dvaravati. The Rath Yatra too makes the city a haven for pilgrims.

Tourists who book their rooms at the Hotel Sonar Bangla Puri are also never disappointed with what this tourist destination has to offer. The beaches of Puri are of course popular far and wide and are considered among the safest waters for a relaxing swim in the sea. One can always find hordes of tourists making their way to the beaches here and yet find a secluded spot on the wide sandy stretches.

Puri also finds itself in such a position that both the sunset as well as the sunrise can be viewed from the beaches of Puri, thus making it a great retreat for photographers too. No matter what your reason for visiting Puri may be, Hotel Sonar Bangla Puri is sure to take good care of you as it does of hundreds of pilgrims and tourists each year.